After effects of intravenous steroids

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The way I see it, Japan picked a fight with the US by bombing Pearl harbor without them knowing about it which then pissess off US & then US retaliates by sending mini bomb attacks on Japan but to no avail of Japan surrendering. So, then uh….the US threats Japan even bigger telling them to surrender now or blah blah….in a way like, ‘you’re gonna regret ever having to mess with us’, BLAH & so, the US comes up with a another bombing plan which is to ‘nuke’ one of Japan’s cities (Hiroshima) but before doing that, the US rained down ‘warning leaflets’ of the impending doom, telling Japanese locals to flee & all……..& *BOOM!* death tolls soars, buildings destroyed & STILL Japan refuse to surrender!! (Which I cannot believe this, I mean…… The US just dropped a DEADY, NUCLEAR WEAPON on one of your cities, KILLING THOUSANDS INSTANTLY & you STILL refuse to surrender?!?!?! WHAT—the fuck ?!??!?!?!? What a pride, man. DAMN.) Ya, so, seems that’s nor enough, 3 days after the first nuke attack, US sends another on Nagasaki & THEN that’s when you Japan folk FINALLY surrendered!! Sigh….
I DO NOT support neither US nor Japan concerning their military actions & all but the way they fought each other just seems so incredibly childish to me….. & the deaths of innocent thousands of people (US + Japan) were in VAIN. Though I also read that other reasond US nuked Japan was in order to end WW2 as fast as possible. But ANYWAY, nuclear weapons should NEVER be used again. Actually, WAR should NEVER be the answer to solving national problems, NEVER EVER. for the sake of humanity……

After effects of intravenous steroids

after effects of intravenous steroids


after effects of intravenous steroidsafter effects of intravenous steroidsafter effects of intravenous steroidsafter effects of intravenous steroidsafter effects of intravenous steroids