Anabola steroider kvinnor

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Current methods for assessing AAS use have limitations that suggest biases of both under- and over-reporting, which may be amplified for females who are poorly represented in self-report studies of human subjects and are rarely used in animal studies. Data from animal literature suggest that there are significant sex-specific differences in the impact of AAS on aggression, anxiety, and concomitant use of other abused substances. These results have relevance for human females who take these drugs as performance-enhancing substances and for transgender XX individuals who may illicitly self-administer AAS as they transition to a male gender identity.

Anabola steroider kvinnor

anabola steroider kvinnor


anabola steroider kvinnoranabola steroider kvinnoranabola steroider kvinnoranabola steroider kvinnoranabola steroider kvinnor