Anabolic diet 2 day carb up

The good news is though that you don’t NEED to consume massive amounts of carbohydrates in a single sitting. We’re talking about what’s optimal for your typical ectomorph, but hell that’s not the ONLY way to get results. Given that you aren’t a “totally typical ectomorph” it just means you need to find a diet that’s optimal for you. That’s not a problem though, and there’s nothing bad about eating a higher protein diet either. Eating more protein is a totally valid way to increase the amount of calories you’re eating 🙂

Not getting solid sleep 8-9 hours a night and overtraining are certainly not going to allow your body to drop fat. It’s also related to stress and cortisol. For marathon training, you should have read Phil Maffetones work about training slow and building a solid aerobic base. This takes time, but is easy, safe and sensible. Faster running, higher heart rates and ALL weight training are “anaerobic” and tend to born more sigars and less fat. Don’t trust me, train the world class endurance athletes he has trained who did not believe it when they started either. Sometimes less is a LOT more and No Pain No Gain is actually a very health damaging myth.

Hi I just came across your blog. I’m a fitness junkie, figure competitor and I have been competing & training for 3 years. I have been recently been following my leaning out or contest prep as we “figure gals” call it, have not been getting the results that I want. So, a friend told me about the CKD and that maybe I should give it a try, she’s also a competitor and has had awesome results. I will start on Monday 6/24 the CKD plan. I have done a low/no carb week just to get my body a jump start to prepping when I don’t see the scale move or bodyfat dropping.

Anabolic diet 2 day carb up

anabolic diet 2 day carb up


anabolic diet 2 day carb upanabolic diet 2 day carb upanabolic diet 2 day carb upanabolic diet 2 day carb upanabolic diet 2 day carb up