Antiinflamatoare nesteroidiene curs

Another way to reduce inflammatory damage is to boost the body's repair crews. Rachel Galli, PhD, assistant professor of psychology at Simmons College in Boston, has been measuring compounds called heat-shock proteins in the brain. "Think of them as the body's duct tape," she says. "They help cells repair the damage from oxidative stress, inflammation, and toxins." As you age, you produce fewer of these protective proteins. Galli has seen blueberry-fortified diets remedy that situation in the brains of aging rats, who responded to inflammatory challenges as ably as much younger animals.

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Antiinflamatoare nesteroidiene curs

antiinflamatoare nesteroidiene curs


antiinflamatoare nesteroidiene cursantiinflamatoare nesteroidiene cursantiinflamatoare nesteroidiene cursantiinflamatoare nesteroidiene cursantiinflamatoare nesteroidiene curs