Baby wheezing steroids

My 11 months old is having severe nose blockage n running nose too ..from last 15 days… doctor prescribed me to nebulize him but he gets too cranky while nebulizing…I tried doing while he was sleeping..but all in vain…I got soundless nebulizer also for him..but don’t know how he gets to know..n start turning his head from right to left…it’s so tough for me to nebulize him… kindly suggest something plzZzz…ur article was really very helpful…it sorted many of my doubts…but plz help me n suggest me something…thank you

I would like to give some more info about him
He has been this way since he was 4 months old (now is 27 months old) – he threw up a few times btw 2 months and 4 months – but it wasnt bad enough so ped didnt think we needed to put him on reflux med. It got really bad when he started solids around months. then we stopped solids and went back to beast milk only but the throw up got better but was still there. its almost like the solids did some damage. currently he is gluten free and dairy free but nothing helps. we started him back on solids at around 10 months and 1 month later started OT and zantac and started seeing a GI.

Baby wheezing steroids

baby wheezing steroids


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