Bagwell steroid evidence

16 seasons: Los Angeles Dodgers, 1992-98; Florida, 1998 (five games); Mets, 1998-2005; San Diego, 2006; Oakland, 2007 1,912 games; 6,911 at-bats 1,048 runs; 2,127 hits; 344 doubles; 427 home runs; 1,335 runs batted in; .308 batting average CAREER LEADER , home runs by a catcher, 396 12 20-home-run seasons (1993-2002, 2004, 2006); 9 30-home-run seasons (1993, 1995-2002); 2 40-home-run seasons (1997, 1999) 6 100-. seasons (1993, 1996-2000) 1993 National League rookie of the year; 12 All-Star selections (1993-2002, 2004-5); 1996 All-Star Game most valuable player Sources: , Baseball Hall of Fame, Baseball- Bonds won seven National League Most Valuable Player Awards at roughly the same time Roger Clemens was winning seven Cy Young Awards (and an .). While both stars received a greater portion of the vote than they had in their first three appearances on the ballot, they remained well short of the threshold for election because of strong ties to performance-enhancing drugs.

As time passes, more essays will pile up on the cases of the omitted, and the PED factor will fade further into footnote status. PEDs themselves might well become an accepted part of the game as future versions provide only benefits and little to no risk. It's likely that years down the line, we'll welcome those we have shunned. And we'll have to consider those marginalized -- we suspect -- because they chose not to use. The voting membership itself will continue to evolve. But baseball's Hall of Fame -- a museum, as well as a hall of fame -- will again serve its core function, which is to honor and commemorate the best performers in baseball history. All of baseball history.

Bagwell steroid evidence

bagwell steroid evidence


bagwell steroid evidencebagwell steroid evidence