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Could there be any link in hair loss between the PGD2 and Absolute Eosinophils. I am a 69 female who worked hard in this last year to lose 40 pounds, and now my once very thick hair is very, very thin, dull, lifeless. I can shake my head and shed like a dog. My protein levels where a below normal range. I have RA levels above normal range, and an auto immune/Morphea (which seems to be in remission). But last blood work showed my eosinophils WAY elevated. I do not have asthma, nor allergic reactions, and doctors just drop the conversation there. I have had an acute case of tendonitis in both hands from using weights that were to heavy for me. That seemed to cause a huge inflammation response, which is about when my hair starting falling out; 3-4 months ago.

Hello all I just want to put this out there that heat is the best way to kill these little pests. I work for a company that uses heat to do structural pasteurization, in other words we heat the entire house up to 140°+ (which is higher than the the thermal kill point for bedbugs) for an hour or more (though they can only withstand that heat for less than 15 min) This has been the ONLY way to kill them with a 100% success rate since they are becoming resistant to chemicals and DDT is illegal. Some things work for some infestations but not for all, there are a lot of good ideas on here :-)

This bag does a lot of things ALMOST as well as others. It's okay to carry pistol ammo but not as good as the boxy canvas mechanic's bags. It can hold a 3" K frame Smith but not a 4"; a service size 9mm fits nicely, but for transport only. Once the zippers and buckles are in place, access is slow and clumsy (they never claimed it was a holster). I wouldn't carry a loaded firearm in it without a holster or other fitting to block fingers or small loose objects entering the trigger guard. Other fanny packs do better. It can carry first aid supplies but the openings are small and make it difficult to locate items, especially in the dark, when seconds may be precious. But it's a neat, interesting, seemingly well-made bag and as soon as I figure out what to do with it, I'm gonna love it.

Bb misc steroids

bb misc steroids


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