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¿? A gel that constantly freezes through radiating light?? Doesnt seem probable at all,as radiation is a form of heat transfer,and heat ALWAYS goes from the hotter to the cooler... Which reminds me...nice way of making ice: Put a closed,thermally protected "bin" with a "window" facing the starry night. If only radiation goes through this window it will exchange heat with the atmosphere and cool to subzero temperatures! Thats the way I heard they used to do it back then...never tried it though ,but it makes sense,unlike this thermodynamicall rebel of a gel :P

Hi Dr Greger !
Since I’ve gone high carb raw Till 4 , I suffer from heart burn the hole day. Even after potatoes. And thats the thing: I discovered tyramine which lead to depression and migranes (which I have) and I am diagnosed with a histamine intolerance. I looked up histamine but found out that literally every whole food contains it. I really don’t know what to eat anymore, because I cant afford the quantites of ripe fruit here in germany. Therefore my staples are dates, potatoes and veggies. But my Vitamin E Level would sink if I do not consume pumpkin anymore. But pumpkin contains histamine and so does potatoes. I don’t like spinach and the oxal acid in it is another problem. I don’t like rice and grains so thats my problem. I am really

All three AI experts agreed that ethical considerations must be at the forefront of research. "One thing I'm seeing among my own faculty is the realization that we, technologists, computer scientists, engineers who are building AI, have to appeal to someone else to create these programs," said Moore. When coming up with a driverless car, for example, how does the car decide what to do when an animal comes into the road? When you write the code, he said, there's the question: how much is an animal's life worth next to a human's life? "Is one human life worth the lives of a billion domestic cats? A million? A thousand? I would hate to be the person writing that code."

Bio lab steroids

bio lab steroids


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