Can mr olympia use steroids

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Lee: I guess as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! It’s up to the judges to decide what they want to see. I modeled my physique after Robby Robinson and of course Arnold. The look at that particular time was wide shoulders and a narrow waist. It’s something else now! You now see guys with a whole lot of muscle and so forth and with a lot more muscle than I thought I could ever carry, but it is as it is! I really admire all these guys, their physiques, success, and all the hard work. However, I judge the total industry by its growth and that determines just how successful it is and if it has in fact gotten better or is stagnant. I don’t see a pool of young athletes coming along. When I came along, there were lots of teenagers competing and we were proud of our accomplishments. Now we don’t see this anymore. So what’s that saying? Somewhere, we’re out of balance. The pool of young athletes coming up to maybe one day go into professional bodybuilding is very small. And it may be because they’re looking at odds that are nearly impossible to reach.

Can mr olympia use steroids

can mr olympia use steroids


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