Cellucor p6 anabolic stack extreme

I was a COMPLETE skeptic, when I first ordered this product, but I am a born again believer now. Within 3-4 days there was a VERY noticeable difference: Strength increase, stamina increase and libido increase. Not to sound too much like a commercial; but this product literally did everything that they claimed it would. I purposely didn’t order my a second bottle to see if there was actually a difference. Let me tell you; after about two weeks, I ordered that second bottle and will go back for a 3rd, 4th etc… I told my friends I would not recommend it until I knew for sure it wasn’t just a placebo, well friends, I highly recommend it. Even for skeptic; I say, try it. With little or no side effects, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain?

About a week later my results were back and admittedly I was surprised. My overall testosterone numbers actually dropped significantly. My free testosterone ended at 16 which was about where it has been but the drop in total testosterone was not something I expected, nearly a hundred point decline over Max Muscle 2TX and Text X180 from GNC. My sense of increased libido and energy obviously had nothing to do with the supplement and may have been more environmental. As stated many times, product results may vary by individual but my blood worked proved P6 Extreme Red to not be effective for my overall goals.

Cellucor p6 anabolic stack extreme

cellucor p6 anabolic stack extreme


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