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Shackleton et al. (2004) studied steroid excretion in 8 patients diagnosed with ABS and 1 patient with a milder but related phenotype without skeletal or genital abnormalities. The steroid excretion pattern was consistent and distinctive in all 9 patients, and was significantly different from that measured in controls (p less than ). A high ratio of metabolites of the primary adrenal steroid precursors pregnenolone and progesterone to cortisol metabolites was the most characteristic feature for diagnosis. The authors stated that pregnanediol could be considered a hallmark analyte since it is essentially absent from the urine of normal individuals or those with other defects in steroid biosynthesis. Shackleton et al. (2004) proposed the use of this distinctive steroid metabolic profile as the primary biochemical parameter for the diagnosis of the ABS-like phenotype not associated with FGFR2 mutations.

A few things have worked very well for my seborrheic dermatitis; Sebulex shampoo (2 percent sulfur and 2 percent salicylic acid), and also Malaseb flush , a liquid that I squirt on the top of my scalp about 10 minutes before I shower. It kills the yeast ( miconazole ) and adding tea tree oil to coconut oil helps (pure tea tree is too strong, irritates the scalp), while I work out in the yard for an hour or so. Yes, these first two are vet products, my dad was a vet, but guess what, he's been giving me these for various problems since I was a toddler; vet products. Same stuff people need, sulfur and salicylic acid, but in 1 location and cheaper than products marketed for people. Tea tree oil is also something that I add to Head and Shoulders shampoo in a small USD 1 travel bottle so that I can make it even more powerful. Also, at night I add some lemon juice to water in a shot glass (pure lemon would be too strong I think), pour it on my head and go to sleep . Fungus/yeast (Malassezia/Pityrosporum) cannot live in an acidic environment. I have also read on here that some people found relief with Arm and Hammer with water (alkaline) so I guess any extreme in pH would kill the fungus that is the problem. I hope any of this information is helpful to you!

Ddp steroids

ddp steroids


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