Dog died after steroid shot

I just put my Cocker Spaniel down after years of a great companion.

My dog had mild seizures several years ago only twice. I did not think anymore about it and the vet said not to worry if they don't come back.

Several years later my dog began shaking a lot. The vet said my dog was having mini seizures. As time passed my dog began to rub his head into the bed, furniture, chairs any object and I thought it was just scratching his head.

After some time had passed, my dog began to run into walls and just stand there lost. After several visits to the vet and believing it was an old age thing, my dog started stumbling, pacing, panting, falling in the pool, trying to walk through items instead of around, fell in his dog bowl and could not get up.

I rushed him to the vet and was told he had a brain tumor . I could have had lots of tests done to find out what the status and growth of it was.

After taking the dog home and watching him slowly lose his mobility, I decided it was not fair to watch him suffer any longer. I wanted him to have his dignity. Unfortunately I had to put my best friend to sleep a couple days ago. I have visited this web site several times thinking there must have been more I could do.

I have been reassured from several people and my vet that it was the best thing as he was suffering.

I miss him so much and hope anyone reading this can learn from the symptoms. We all know our dogs and know when they are not acting the same.

I love you Spanky... Rest well.

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Dog died after steroid shot

dog died after steroid shot


dog died after steroid shotdog died after steroid shotdog died after steroid shotdog died after steroid shotdog died after steroid shot