Familia mets steroids

Paul : You know I don’t know. A lot of people on Ray Ramirez and this and that. I don’t think that has anything to do with it. You’re an athlete you know your body. The whole Syndergaard and Cespedes thing, I never ever had a coach say, go out there and hit now. Terry Collins did not do that, Ray Ramirez did not do that. Yoenis Cespedes told them I’m good to go out there and hit. Noah Syndergaard said I’m good to go out there and throw. That’s how it goes!  It’s on the players. Now, are the players getting pressured to play because so many guys are hurt? Probably. I mean, you look to the press and it’s this guy’s hurt, that guy’s hurt, and when it turns into that it starts spiraling. It’s like one guy gets a mosquito bite and he’s on the DL, it’s getting ridiculous.

Familia mets steroids

familia mets steroids


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