Harm minimisation strategies for steroids

Janganpa Jukurrpa (Common Brush-tail Possum Dreaming, Trichosurus vulpecula) travels all over Warlpiri country. This part of the story comes from a big hill called Mawurrji, west of Yuendumu and north of Pikilyi (Vaughan Springs). There is a Mulju (water soakage) there that was created by Janganpa ancestor. ln the painting the 'E' shaped figures represents the possum tracks. The concentric circles are the trees in which the possums live, and also the sites at Mawurrji. Warlpiri people have a young men's initiation ceremony with Janganpa Jukurrpa. The Dreaming belongs to Jakamarra/Jupurrula men and Nakamarra/Napurruia women.

Based on the mounting evidence that the health risks of Swedish snus are far lower than those of combustible tobacco products, in August 2014, Swedish Match (a manufacturer) filed a Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP) application with the FDA Center for Tobacco Products (CTP). The MRTP application seeks to modify the warning labels on smokeless tobacco products such that they reflect the evidence of reduced-harm compared to smoking. Among the proposed labeling changes, the MRTP application requests replacing the current warning, "This product is not a safe alternative to cigarettes," with this text: "No tobacco product is safe, but this product presents substantially lower risks to health than cigarettes." [29]

And not to forget the GDP Guidelines: section of the European Commission Guidelines on Good Distribution Practice of medicinal products for human use (2013/C 343/01) states " In the event of a complaint about the quality of a medicinal product and a potential product defect, the manufacturer and/or marketing authorisation holder should be informed without delay". It can happen that complaints received by wholesale distributors might contain a suspected adverse drug reaction. And they need to make sure to forward this information to the MAH without any delay. Here, "the implementation of an agreement between the parties may help facilitate this activity ".

Harm minimisation strategies for steroids

harm minimisation strategies for steroids


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