Isesteroids free

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While tinkering around with Slack’s Incoming Webhooks feature, I came upon the ability to add message attachments . This seemed like a nifty way to condense a few different pieces of information into a rich formatted Slack message with a bit of PowerShell code. The challenge is converting the syntax for arrays and key-value pairs (hashtables) from native JSON to native PowerShell.

There are other more expensive options available, and I think the price is in line with the functionality. With that said, I just bought a house, and I have two young children so the price was a mitigating factor for me also which is why I invested ~4 hours writing a blog post about the features of ISE Steroids I love as part of the Helping Hands Initiative. It was an easy task since I use ISE Steroids everyday, and there are many features still left undocumented as a blog. I submitted my blog URL via email to Tobias and received a reply within a few hours. He was very courteous, and even went as far as to mention several aspects of the blog he enjoyed proving he really does read the submissions. Thanks again, Tobias!

In ISESteroids , Tobias has done a fantastic job in really bringing out the potential that is hidden in the PowerShell ISE and in doing so, he has created something that we can readily use to make our PowerShell ISE experience that much better and perhaps overcome the challenges of working in environment with Software Restrictions, but also, he has shown what you can do with limited development knowledge and the existing capabilities of PowerShell, which leads me to wonder how many other projects like this are about to spin up and how much further either they or Tobias can take it!

Isesteroids free

isesteroids free


isesteroids freeisesteroids freeisesteroids freeisesteroids freeisesteroids free