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In conjunction with the corporate name change, we will also be changing our NASDAQ ticker symbol from ISIS to IONS. The new ticker symbol will become effective at the open of the market on December 22, 2015. In addition, we will have a new website address: , a new email domain: @ and a new Twitter account: @ionispharma. Visitors to our old website will be redirected to our new site and email sent to our old email addresses will still be delivered correctly. Our company address and phone numbers will not change.

Researchers at Cardiff University in the UK have confirmed that horizontal transfer of transgenic DNA occurs at detectable levels using a similar system [30]. Transgene sequences kanamycin resistance ( nptII ) and green flourescent protein (gfp) were driven by their own bacterial promoters. Recipient bacteria carried a copy of these two genes with deletions in their 3’ ends abolishing marker activity. Successful recombination between the plant transgene and the bacterial genome resulted in restoration of the markers, allowing detection through antibiotic selection and fluorescence. Measurable transformation frequencies were obtained in increasingly complex conditions approaching field conditions. In sterile soil microcosms, transformation was detected using pure plant DNA at x 10 -8 and in ground leaves at x 10 -11 transformants per recipient; for non-sterile soil using pure plant DNA, the frequency was x 10 -11 transformants per recipient.

A longitudinal study conducted by Tufts University, The Positive Development of Youth: Comprehensive Findings from the 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development , revealed 4-H programming does indeed grow young people who are two times more likely to participate in STEM programs. Specifically, the research found that girls who participate in 4-H are two times more likely by grade 10 and nearly three times more likely by grade 12 to take part in science programs, compared to girls in other out-of-school time activities. So, we are already making headway in ensuring girls are represented in the next generation of leaders in STEM.

Isis pharmaceuticals steroids test 400

isis pharmaceuticals steroids test 400


isis pharmaceuticals steroids test 400isis pharmaceuticals steroids test 400isis pharmaceuticals steroids test 400isis pharmaceuticals steroids test 400isis pharmaceuticals steroids test 400