Kali bodybuilder steroids

Actually I agree with the OP. Bodybuilding as we know it in the Mr. Olympia and similar competitions is a farce. Why? Because natural bodybuilders can’t compete, they can’t even come close to those sizes. It’s so bad, that body building competitions only every really enforced it for one year, then quickly moved to a policy of stating banned substances, then wink wink, not enforce it. What you see on TV and magazines of body builders are all fake with steroids. The muscle is literally very real, but the person is fake for using it.

I am really getting the vibe that people don’t know what they are talking about when they say that Rich Piana is using synthol/synthetic enhancements for him to look and be as big as he is and I know from experience that he is using steroids and other things as well but that doesn’t mean that he still isn’t working out on top of it all and for the ones that are saying that he isn’t using you guys really need to wake the fuck up, smell on coffee, and snap back into reality because he is using, so basically my point is that he is doing both so all of you need to just fucking stop while you’re ahead and just do you and Rich is going to do him okay so get off of his fucking bumper and just talk about your bitch ass selves and other people too alright

Kali bodybuilder steroids

kali bodybuilder steroids


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