Manny pacquiao steroids

Great excuses … He is on roids!!!! I can’t wait until
they expose him .. It
will be a victory for boxng and
it’s true fans.. He is a cheater
and cheating should not be excused
nor praised.. He is a disgrace
and anyone who believes henactually is as good as
Ali or
Bruce lee is simply an idiot! If justice is not
performed i will
everyone know not to buy
anymore boxing fights cause it
corrupt.. He is a cheater…. face
it losers!!

Personally, I don’t pay for any PPV fights and will never sway from that choice (in part because I believe that the pay-per-view business model is bad for the sport and in part because I’m a cheap SOB), but I WILL be watching Mayweather-McGregor, somehow (wink, wink). And, like millions of other fans tuning in, I’ll be enjoying myself in some capacity, either for the freak show aspect or out of genuine curiosity for how this fight will play out. Then, I’ll catch a video of Cotto-Kamegai—another fight with a foregone conclusion that isn’t without its own intrigue.

Manny pacquiao steroids

manny pacquiao steroids


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