Nonsteroidal cream atopic dermatitis

Complications arise when pruritus is accompanied by intense scratching. Lichen simplex chronicus is a localized skin thickening, often appearing over the posterior neck, extremities, scrotum, vulva, anus, and buttocks. In prurigo nodularis, a variant of lichen simplex chronicus, 10- to 20-mm nodules develop over areas within easy scratching reach, such as the extensor arms and legs. 11 Prurigo nodularis has been successfully treated with a cream containing percent capsaicin (Zostrix) applied topically four to six times per day for two to eight weeks). 39 [Evidence level B, nonrandomized clinical studies] Impetigo may result from superinfected excoriations, as commonly occur in patients with atopic dermatitis. 7 , 9

Most patients with pruritus benefit from several basic measures to lessen drying of skin, which can increase symptoms. Bathing should be limited to short, cool showers with soap applied only to intertriginous or oily skin areas. A mild moisturizing cream should be applied immediately after bathing. The patient's home should be humidified to at least 40 percent, especially during dry, cold winter months. Contact irritants, such as wool, fiberglass, and detergents, irritate most skin and can exacerbate symptoms, particularly in persons with sensitivity to these agents. 2 , 3 , 5 , 41 , 42

Nonsteroidal cream atopic dermatitis

nonsteroidal cream atopic dermatitis


nonsteroidal cream atopic dermatitisnonsteroidal cream atopic dermatitisnonsteroidal cream atopic dermatitisnonsteroidal cream atopic dermatitis