Otc steroid nasal spray brands

5 Do consider what’s causing persistent congestion. OTC nasal sprays are intended to relieve short-term congestion from such infections as the common cold, not to treat prolonged congestion. If your stuffiness lingers, ask your doctor what might be causing it, rather than overdoing it with sprays and risking the rebound effect. You could have an underlying problem such as allergies or a sinus infection. In those cases, the doctor might recommend a medication that’s more appropriate for chronic congestion, such as an antihistamine or a prescription nasal spray that contains a steroid.

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Patients should use OMNARIS Nasal Spray at regular intervals since its effectiveness depends on its regular use. In clinical trials, the onset of effect was seen within 24 to 48 hours with further symptomatic improvement observed over 1 to 2 weeks in seasonal allergic rhinitis and 5 weeks in perennial allergic rhinitis. Initial assessment of response should be made during this time frame and periodically until the patient's symptoms are stabilized. The patient should take the medication as directed and should not exceed the prescribed dosage. The patient should contact the physician if symptoms do not improve by a reasonable time or if the condition worsens.

Otc steroid nasal spray brands

otc steroid nasal spray brands


otc steroid nasal spray brandsotc steroid nasal spray brandsotc steroid nasal spray brandsotc steroid nasal spray brandsotc steroid nasal spray brands