Otc topical corticosteroid creams

Given there’s no long-term data with topical NSAIDs, the evidence doesn’t give us enough insight to understand the risk profile beyond a few weeks. Consequently it seems reasonable to try using topical products instead of oral products, particularly for intermittent, rather than chronic, pain conditions. While compounding pharmacies have made topical versions of NSAIDs for years, there’s little information on effectiveness and safety of these products. As commercial formulations are supported with pharmacokinetic and clinical studies demonstrating efficacy, they are the preparations of choice.

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Otc topical corticosteroid creams

otc topical corticosteroid creams


otc topical corticosteroid creamsotc topical corticosteroid creamsotc topical corticosteroid creamsotc topical corticosteroid creamsotc topical corticosteroid creams