Oxo steroid reductase

Heavy consumption of the essential amino acid lysine (as indicated in the treatment of cold sores) has allegedly shown false positives in some and was cited by American shotputter C. J. Hunter as the reason for his positive test, though in 2004 he admitted to a federal grand jury that he had injected nandrolone. [32] A possible cause of incorrect urine test results is the presence of metabolites from other AAS, though modern urinalysis can usually determine the exact steroid used by analyzing the ratio of the two remaining nandrolone metabolites. As a result of the numerous overturned verdicts, the testing procedure was reviewed by UK Sport . On October 5, 2007, three-time Olympic gold medalist for track and field Marion Jones admitted to use of the drug, and was sentenced to six months in jail for lying to a federal grand jury in 2000. [33]

The second isoenzyme of 5α reductase is deficient in the classic intersex condition ( pseudovaginal perineoscrotal hypospadias ), or 5α-reductase deficiency . It was first discovered in indigenous cultures of Papua, New Guinea , where children were born with feminine genitalia in the absence of endogenous DHT during pregnancy, but with the surge of testosterone during adolescence, changed to males at puberty. Because of this change at puberty, the condition is also sometimes called " guevedoche ." [24] There is a range of external appearance that has been described of external genitalia at birth, with varying degrees of virilization.

Oxo steroid reductase

oxo steroid reductase


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