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"Buffalo Gals" (season two, 1998), which was paired with the segment "Cow and Chicken Reclining," was banned by Cartoon Network after receiving a complaint from a parent about the episode's liberal visual and verbal innuendo about the titular biker group being lesbians (the Buffalo Gals break into people's homes and literally chew on the carpet, one of the bikers is named Munch Kelly and has a carpet swatch for a calling card, and when Dad freaks out over the Buffalo Gals in the house, Mom says, "They're not after you.") [7] In addition, the Buffalo Gals play baseball and talk about pitching and catching. Although it was only shown on air once, it was replaced by "Orthodontic Police" in future airings, including on Netflix streaming and reruns on Boomerang . The episode was also discussed on an installment of Rob Paulsen 's Talkin' Toons special featuring Cow and Chicken creator David Feiss and voice actor Charlie Adler when an audience member asked why "Buffalo Gals" only aired once.

Picture of cow on steroids

picture of cow on steroids


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