Spectroscopic data of steroid glycosides pdf

Consider a reflection measurement using a fiber guided light source but performed in ambient room lighting. In this case, even if a perfectly black sample is being measured, room light would enter the input fiber. Blocking the input fiber would block all light and fail to take this background light into account, resulting in a perfectly black sample still showing some reflection since the ambient room lighting would be interpreted as coming from the sample. When taking a background spectrum, only reference light should be prevented from entering the spectrometer; in this case, the fiber guided light source should be switched off when taking a background spectrum to account for the background lighting.

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Spectroscopic data of steroid glycosides pdf

spectroscopic data of steroid glycosides pdf


spectroscopic data of steroid glycosides pdfspectroscopic data of steroid glycosides pdfspectroscopic data of steroid glycosides pdfspectroscopic data of steroid glycosides pdfspectroscopic data of steroid glycosides pdf