Steroid injection scar removal

The mechanical compression dressings are engineered to fit the patient, making it specific to the size and positioning of the scar and to accommodate different pressures depending based on the keloid. This type of dressing is often made of a combination of a stretchy synthetic fabric (known as Spandex fabric), support bandages and zinc oxide adhesive plaster. Compression dressings can also be used along with skin creams and injection therapy for faster results. The dressing will yield the most benefit if worn on a regular basis by the patient.

For severe cases, the keloid can surgically excised and given x-ray treatments to the site immediately afterwards, usually the on the same day. This works in about 85% of the most severe cases. Electron beam radiation can be used, which will not go deep enough to affect internal organs. Orthovoltage radiation is more penetrating and slightly more effective. There have not been any reports of this causing any form of cancer in many years of use, but it is very expensive. Silicone pads and creams are sold over the counter for use on keloids. These do benefit hypertrophic scars but will not cure a true keloid. However, they can reduce pain, swelling and itching from a keloid. They usually take 3 months or more to work.

Steroid injection scar removal

steroid injection scar removal


steroid injection scar removalsteroid injection scar removalsteroid injection scar removalsteroid injection scar removalsteroid injection scar removal