Steroid shots for dogs side effects

I had fungal meningitis and was admitted to the hospital. When I was released, I ended up having a stroke and developed a brain aneurysm. I was readmitted, and I was there for almost another two months... I got very sick. I was vomiting all the time, had horrible headaches every day. I lost a good 30 pounds; I went down to 100 pounds... I missed about a year of work. And it was discovered later that I'd developed an abscess in my spinal cord. I had to have that surgically removed. But they could not get all of the abscess out, because they said if they would have sliced any deeper, they could have paralyzed me or I could have lost bowel or bladder function.

I have 4 Scottish Deerhounds. I have gone over to raw diet as I am fed up with seeing all sorts of chemicals added to dry foods. Dry food to me is processed food. As with humans processed food is convenient but causes so many health problems ….. I understand everything is made up of chemical elements but dogs in the wild ate animal and vegetable matter. The food companies are obliged to state, by law what is in the foods but i know there are some food stuffs that do not need to be disclosed….they’re the ones i’m afraid of.
I give commercially prepared raw food…meats with crushed bones, fruit and veg added added. Usually 85% meat and crushed bone 15% apple, carrot, butternut squash, sea kelp, salmon oil and in 2 of the meats,..chicken and lamb have 50mg/kg VitC. I also give a small chicken carcass, usually one per dog every other day. these carcasses are tiny and only the breast section. Are my dogs getting too much calcium. Their poos are rock hard, much paler and less of it. They do not seem to have any outward problem and all other signs and symptoms appear to be very normal. But am I interfering with their insides??? I also add, SOMETIMES, broccoli, cauliflower, peas (crushed) and sweetcorn ….all mixed frozen veg from supermarket, defrosted and blitzed in the blender then give 2 tablespoons each dog. extra fruit of apples and bananas and segments of satsumas. also they get natural yogurt when I have it… 2 big spoons each I weigh my dogs regularly and feel for condition and alter any quantities according to weight/exercise ..(had to do same for horses)

Steroid shots for dogs side effects

steroid shots for dogs side effects


steroid shots for dogs side effectssteroid shots for dogs side effectssteroid shots for dogs side effectssteroid shots for dogs side effectssteroid shots for dogs side effects