Steroid six pack

The kneeling cable crunch is a good movement but I chose declines as the best for the following reason.
While The KCC works with the function and places resistance at the PCP, the level of resistance at the PCP is less than during Declines. This is for the following reason:
KCC has the resistance pulling you UP and out of the flexed spine position.
With declines you are being pushed out of this position as well but the torso is also being pushed DOWN and out of the seated position. The fight to hold the resistance at the PCP is greater which is important because this is the position where most fibers are recruited.
The degree of stimulation at the PCP is therefore greater with declines IMO.
KCCs are a great movement though, I’m not knocking it. Jeff Willet also also highly recommends it.

Inform your physician of all the medications you take (prescription and over the counter) and other medical conditions you have before taking a Medrol Dose Pack. If you are scheduled for surgery, the medical staff must be aware that you are on a Medrol Dose Pack. It never should be taken if you are allergic to methylprednisolone or have a fungal infection. Since steroids can weaken the immune system, avoid people who have colds and the flu. Contact your physician if you become exposed to the measles or chicken pox, as these illnesses can become serious when a person is on steroid medication.

Steroid six pack

steroid six pack


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